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      The Online Clinic Review provides anonymous customer feedback on the large number of Internet sites selling prescription medication in the UK.

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        Health Express


        Average user rating 4 out of 5

        Online healthcare provider in the UK.

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        Average user rating 4 out of 5

        LabsDirect is an online testing laboratory, providing a range of home sample collection tests including STIs (STDs) throughout the UK. It provides a confidential laboratory-assessed diagnosis for common potentially embarrassing or lifestyle concerns, including STI, DNA, Allergy, Osteoporosis, Thyroid and Anaemia testing kits.

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        Average user rating 4 out of 5

        UK based clinic and pharmacy.

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        Online Clinic


        Average user rating 4 out of 5

        Licensed clinic in the UK offering consultations with GMC registered doctors

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        Online Clinic UK


        Average user rating 4 out of 5

        Licensed clinic in the UK that is part of Online Clinic (UK) Limited. Regulated and licesned by the Care Quality Commission.

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    2. Are Online Pharmacies and Clinic Legal?

      Obtaining medication online is a relatively recent phenomenon and developments have occurred rapidly.

      It was only in 2004 that the government gave the rubber stamp to the idea of online pharmacies after it emerged that hundreds of drugs were being bought illegally and unregulated over the Internet.

      This posed a serious health threat to those that were purchasing them.

      In 2008, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain introduced a green cross to identify accredited online pharmacies to ensure that the customer was buying genuine medicines, prescribed by qualified medical practitioners.

      Online clinics are seen as essential by some members of the public as many of the medications that people obtain online are for conditions which they might be too embarrassed to see a doctor face to face about - hair loss, weight loss, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation to name but a few. Some people do not want their friends or family to know that they are taking these medications: Do not worry

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