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      After many bad experiences with poor online clinic services and after one too many fake Viagra batches later, I decided that when I found the service that I trusted, I wanted to make sure other men and women did not suffer because of the same ignorance most people share regarding the relatively new phenomenon of purchasing prescription treatments for medical conditions online.

      There are so many clinics operating out there without regulation by the appropriate authorities and the same goes for the companies that are manufacturing the drugs they sell. Whether you are getting tablets made from sugar (the least of your worries) or drugs with inaccurate and sometimes dangerous amounts of key ingredients or other harmful chemicals, you are not getting what you pay for and are putting your life at risk. Providing a service using the word ‘clinic’ and conveying that they are caring, legitimate practitioners with the use of pictures of kind-faced doctors smiling at one another and holding the rudimentary stethoscope, they lead us to believe that we are entering into a relationship of trust whereas we are in fact being hoodwinked by greedy businessmen and women who care more about their bank accounts than the well-being of their ‘patients’.

      Unfortunately, these establishments tarnish the reputation of otherwise legitimate online clinics and I believe that such companies provide an extremely valuable service today. Some people are embarrassed about going to their GP or simply don't have the time, and the questions asked in an online environment are exactly the same as asked in a face to face environment. These online clinics in the same way depend on the honesty of the patient in order to avoid prescribing errors.

      If the website displays a registration number, is regulated by appropriate bodies such as the Care Quality Commission, this means that the doctor signing your prescription is licensed and that the drugs come straight from the genuine manufacturers.

      Consultations at most of these clinics include obesity, sexually transmitted infections, hair loss, sexual dysfunction and some even prescribe the contraceptive pill to name but a few of the services available.

      My aim in setting up this website was to provide direction and guidance to first time online prescription customers. There are few fully registered and licensed clinics in operation but those that are provide quality services. Please drop us a comment about your experience so that we can support the best in the business and ensure the consistency of quality.

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